DAB Radio




The Alpine EZi-DAB is a professionally installed digital radio adapter for almost any car, designed to keep in-car clutter to a minimum. It connects to any existing car stereo providing outstanding digital radio reception as well as the ability to connect and control iPod, iPhone, iPad and many compatible USB devices. The unit is “Powered by Pure”, the world’s leading wireless music and radio systems manufacturer.

To ensure the EZi-DAB integrates seamlessly into any dashboard and look like it was always meant to be there, the control unit has a choice of five different illumination colours; green, amber, red, blue and white.

Discreet Antenna

To listen to digital radio, a special antenna is required. EZi-DAB uses a small, discreet windscreen film solution, where no cutting or drilling to your vehicle is required.

Full iPod, iPhone and iPad Control

In addition to digital radio, the EZI-DAB also offers the option to connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad and the EZi-DAB gives the ability to search and play the music via the car speakers. It also charges these Devices at the same time.

Works with USB Devices

The Alpine EZi-DAB enables you to navigate and listen to tracks from a USB flash drive, mobile phone or MP3 player with USB connection.

Dual Tuner

The EZi-DAB has a dual tuner so no need to keep re-tuning as you drive.

Forecourt Pause

The EZi-DAB gives the ability to hit the pause button before you remove your car keys, so that the broadcast or music is paused until you return for a maximum of 15 minutes. Great for when you’re in the middle of listening to something you don’t want to miss!

Pause and Rewind Live Radio

This allows you to simply pause live radio and continue to listen later, exactly where you left off, or rewind at 15 second increments.

Picnic Mode

EZi-DAB enables you to listen to digital radio with the ignition off and your car keys removed. Ideal for summer picnics or camping..